Eastern Market


     Through a Glass Brightly, 14"x 18" print $50.  This is an experimental piece made on my iPhone 6+.  It began with a photo of the inside of a glass which I then photoshopped on the phone, completely altering the original until it became a psychedelic abstraction.  If you'd like a print please just reply to this email.  It is not available on my website.View this email in your browser

     I've been extremely short of time lately, certainly with no time to paint perfectionist, detailed oil paintings.  So I've been using my incredible iPhone 6+ as a tool to make art.  I snap  a photo of anything that interests me visually and then photoshop the image using the incredible array of features available by hitting "edit".  The results can look so far afield from the original image that one would hardly guess what the original subject of the image was.  I've begun posting my results on Facebook and am often asked "what is this?'  My former self was a stickler for detailed realism.  No more.  I'm having a blast with this process and I dare say it's so much fun to make art in a matter of minutes rather than months!  You can see more results by friending me and looking on my Facebook page under "Amy Marx".  If you'd like to purchase any images that you find there just reply to this email.  Any size can be accommodated.  I'd be very curious as to your thoughts.  I haven't given up painting permanently, but I must say, this is awfully fast and fun!    

all the best to you,