Jesus Returns to the Lord


"Jesus Returns to the Lord," a photograph I created Easter.

     In the course of cleaning and organizing my house I came across a crucifix.  I laid it atop a table I had bedecked in an Indian wedding shawl.  In a local party store there appeared a butterfly garland.  It came home with me.  Having it in my hand as I walked past the crucifix I draped it around Jesus to lighten his mood.  On Easter I came home with lavender hyacinths and was bringing them to my bedroom to perfume the room.  Passing the table it occurred to me that their divine scent would be a lovely celebration of his resurrection on this, the most important day of the Christian calendar   And so I came to snap the first picture.  A little photoshopping on my fantastic iPhone 6+ and here you are.  A happy celebration of Jesus's return to the Lord.

       If you are interested in obtaining a 16"x 20" print on paper it is $50 and can be ordered by responding to this email. It can also be printed on more beautiful watercolor paper or canvas in any size. 

     The Pathwork, the spiritual path of transformation that I have followed and studied, says that Jesus opened a way for human beings to find their way out of the darkness of the lower self to unification with God, and a life lived from the higher self.  Though I am a Jew and not a Christian, this understanding has been of great help to me.  In Pathwork lecture 248 is stated:

 . . . When Christ manifested as man, thus being both divine and human, he accomplished the greatest feat imaginable.  He proved that it was possible to remain true to God, true to truth, and not succumb to the strongest of influences and temptations that the personification of evil could unleash.  Through this tremendous act of steadfastness, the man who was God manifest and the God who had put on human nature opened the doors in the souls of all created beings.  He forged ahead, enabling those who were submerged in darkness to gradually find their way back to light.  Jesus Christ has saved every single entity who was ever created, and every particle of consciousness and energy that ever manifested and will manifest as personality.  Since he came to earth the great light is always available for the building of a tunnel to the world of light.  

     You can read this lecture here:

     I apologize for the gap in my writings. Circumstances prevented me from keeping up with the weekly writing schedule and I feel remiss in posting these images so long after Easter.  But the meaning of Easter has no expiration.  If you'd like to respond please just relpy to this email.  I am sure that many of you have much to say on this vast subject. 

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     Thank you for reading my email.  I appreciate your giving me a few minutes in your precious life.  I look forward to hearing from you if you'd like to communicate with me.

All the best to you in your own return to the world of light,