Lemon-Lime.  This image can be ordered in any size on paper or canvas.  But for our purposes today it is 18"x18", $50 on paper. 

      Now I'm going to talk about lemons.  So it's a lime, not a lemon, but it is all I had. As in Apple-lemons.  As in my Apple iPhone 6+, which enables me to create awesome artwork in minutes, but cannot be used to make a decent phone call.  As in my Macbook pro which ceased to function a couple weeks ago, when my husband/boyfriend Dennis's iPhone 5 was knocked off the desk by our kitten- cat Winky Doodle, creating a gorgeous psychedelic abstract in the lower-left below the diagonal crack on the screen, thereby leaving only the upper-right half functioning, leaving me stranded when I ran out of gas on 495 because my gas gauge had broken, unbeknownst to me. So with a triple Apple breakdown (though with gas in my own car thanks to our room-mates functioning iPhone and my subsequent rescue by Dennis), I set off on a road trip with my awesome friend Pam Skarda, in her car, helping her move to Kansas City where she could be with her dad and help him see out the last year of his life.  I just thought that was so beautiful a gesture in these narcissistic times, that I just had to help her move.   So the newsletter had to wait because I didn't  have access to a computer while on the trip.
     We went through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.  I got to see the very room on the top floor of the house in which I spent the first year of my life in Iowa City!  We moved when I was one year old, so I had never  seen it, though I guess you could say I saw it at one year old.  We were there because my father was in the Writer's Program at the University of Iowa.  He is still sharp as a tack, writing and publishing and being interviewed at 85!! (He also does 40 push ups a day!)  The house is now a party house full of cute, polite and cheerful young men,   typical of the Midwest, which I love.  One lay in his bed, nonchalant, checking his iPhone as I snapped photos of the room.  I had planned to write a newsletter upon my return, about this blast of a trip.  I had it written in my head, but alas, that was not to be.  I returned home to the triple Apple breakdown I had fled.  However, I took a lot of lovely photos which I posted on Facebook If you'd like to see them just go to my page, "Amy Marx".  Or friend me if you need to.  If you'd like details on why you should run, not walk away from an iPhone 6+ I will be happy to share those with you if you reply to this email.  Otherwise I won't bore you with them.  I have missed you.
     On Tuesday, May 26 I leave for Nicaragua for a week.  I will be the guest of my dear friend David who has survived colon cancer and whom I wrote about in the "Miracle" newsletter in January.  If you weren't a recipient of these back then and would like to see them, just let me know.   I won't bore you now with the gory details of why you should run, not walk, from the iPhone 6+.  If you'd like the details just reply to this email.  I won't be able to send a newsletter next week because I will be away from my computer.  Oh, also, the Saturday before last I attempted to lift and carry my large, ungainly bin of my art prints when I was packing my item at Eastern Market, while on platform sandals.  I fell over on "My Left Foot" and now I am on crutches.  but hey, I'm doing great nonetheless and looking forward to my trip!I can only pray Mercury is not in retrograde in Nicaragua!
 Thanks for taking the time to read this. 
As always,
I remain,