Infinity and Beyond

Now for something new and completely different.  The painting below is the first start on a painting of the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest large galaxy to our Milky Way.  It's in oil paint on masonite board, a surface I am experimenting with

      Last week I wrote about ISIS’s destruction of ancient Assyrian antiquities in the Museum of Mosul.  Today it’s their attack on and destruction of an ancient archeological site in the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrod, founded by King Shalamansar in the 1200‘s BC.  “Ihsam Fethi member of the Iraqi Architects Society called [this site] . . .‘one of the most important sites in the world’.”  (From Anne Barnard’s article in todays New York Times.)  Most impressive at this site in Nimrod are (or God forbid, were), the “lamassu”, enormous statues of mythological creatures, lions and winged bulls with bearded human heads.  The full text of the article can be viewed here:

     This planet on which we live sometimes seems so troubled that it is nice to remember the big picture I recently began a painting of the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way.  My beginning attempt is pictured above.  I am not in the habit of showing anyone my work before it is finished.  However I have recently been advised to do so, and upon consideration have decided that, if the phenomenal artist and friendly acquaintance, Don Eddy can post his paintings in process on Facebook, as he has very generously been doing of late, then I too can give this a try.  I consider Don Eddy to be one of the very best artists in the world, in any age.  You owe yourself the favor of becoming familiar with his work.  You can do so by clicking here:

      The Earth holds an infinitesimal (though crucial) place in the larger universe.  Beyond our troubled world is the vastness of the cosmos.  We are told that our universe is infinite.  In thinking about escaping into the great beyond, the following questions occur to me:    

     How big is infinity?  What is beyond infinity?  What does infinity really mean?  Is this something the human mind can even comprehend?  What if we look inside into the vastness of our own inner selves, where does that infinity end?  There is an endless vastness inside our selves; there is an endless vastness outside of ourselves.  Here on this physical plane, here on this troubled planet earth, look at anything, anything at its smallest level.  Look at an atom.  What is it?  Electrons zipping around protons.  But what are they?  We are told they are particles, and at a smaller level particles are really waves.  And what are waves?  Waves are just energy.  Electrons spinning around protons are really energy zipping around energy.  At the micro-cosmic, most infinitesimal level what we know as physical matter dissolves into energy.  There is no actual physical.  Just energy.  Our reality is a hologram.  Nothingness.  Consciousness. 

     Have I lost you?  If so, please write and tell me your thoughts on the subject.  If you’re with me, please let me know.  You can reply directly to this email.  

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